The murderous whaler ship
Sally Jane stank…
As only a whaling ship can!

Its cavernous hold
The deck winch greased and ready
Blubber pots waiting below.

Hard sailors signed on to profit share
Whittled and bickered
The long days out
No novice berth that
On this ship from hell.

Arctic bound, the sixty degree line
Soon crossed, the heading north.
The Greenland Sea
Waters vast in danger
Eyes fixed for sign of whale..

“There” the shout – “Whales breaching clear”…
The gun exploded…
Ten times three.
The sea set crimsons river threads
Winch wrenched bodies aboard.

Men butchered their catch –
Some still in life and thrashing,
No care of pain or fear.
Profit filled those barbarian hearts
Until the sky turned thunderous dark

Sea of mountainous rage, all round…
Focused each sailors frightened heart.
All preyed for deliverance…
From natures evil unforgiving ways –
Down they drowned
Cold cold water became their eternal graves.

The owners of the Sally Jane
Contacted Lloyds in expectation
No point or profit in mourning
The dead, after all she was
an old whaling ship.


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