I could have screamed
When, some years ago,
An idiot tenant confessed,
“Oh I’ve never voted, in any election”.

Recently, that same
Non-voter, had a water problem
A leak, going into the flat below his
Coming, from somewhere in his flat.

His place was ‘a pigs sty’
Clothes strewn about, the kitchen filthy
Unwashed crockery piled high
Smelling in the sink.

Pulling the washing machine out
Showed no problem
The bathroom cluttered
A sopping wet towel left on the floor.

“You’ll need to clean this place,
Before I can trace this leak, I suggested
Only to be met with hostility
“Don’t you judge me”, I was told.

“This is only a poxy Council flat,
My benefits have been cut, by the DWP –
I can’t find any work, and
I don’t need your patronising attitude.”

“It’s all the Government’s fault, he protested,
All they know is their austerity plan
They don’t give toss about
The likes of me.”

I couldn’t resist –
“How did you vote in 2015?”
I told you before, I can’t be bothered
With all that crap!” He said.

I just shrugged, and walked out.


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