British neo-fascists in the House of Lords (March 1939)

The House of Lords 29th March 1939 One speaker called for the publication in English of an unabridged translation of Hitler’s Mein Kampf at a price of no more than a shilling a copy- so impressed was he by the profundity and foresight of the Fuhrer’s writings. To unstinting cheers from the government (Conservative) benches, Ponsonby explained why England should not worry about the League of Nations, and why it was against her interests to assist Czechoslovakia, a country whose whereabouts are unknown to 99% of her people…. Never in my [Maisky] life have I seen so reactionary a gathering as this House of Lords…. The men sitting on these red benches are historically blind, like moles, and they are ready to lick the Nazi dictator’s boots like a beaten dog. They’ll pay for this, and I’ll see it happen!

The Maisky Diaries: Red Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s 1932-43 Ed. Gabriel Gorodetsky p111


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