Worrying Shadow Hanging Over the World

A self-obsessed egotist
Struts menacingly
His opinions, sadly listened to
By small minded cowards
Who feel their land
Is under threat by immigration.
Poor, desperate people
Who flee from war and persecution.

Such a powerful man
Without remorse or pity
For those in desperate need
Isolationist in his view
He would sacrifice anyone, everyone
Who might oppose his
Dictatorial views on
His poor leadership.

One gets the impression that
He would not think
Twice about starting
A holocaust of epic proportions
Should people not
Acquiesce to his demands
A powerful man
Or a lunatic rampaging?

He cannot be accused of profundity more –
Vapid, vacuous, venom
No depth or intricacy
A thug is one description
A rich thug, now with minions
The irony is – if the world erupts
Because of his idiocy
He will be sheathed, In splendid isolation
In a hole underground, that will be his dungeon

History will tell in time
If the system has let leash
A crazy, dangerous bigot
Many believe to be, banality incarnate
What is clear
Many must live in fear
Of the worrying shadow
Hanging over the world.


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