“He’s Got an OLOGY” (Maureen Lipman)

What a great TV advert
Beatie, a Jewish Grandma asked her Grandson
How did your exams go?
The boy replied, “I got a ‘C’ in Biology.”

Like every Jewish Grandma
She, beams at the camera
“He’s got an Ology”
Tantamount to genius
In her eyes.

He might have got a ‘B’ in Mycology
If he had partaken of fungi
But he would have to be cautious
Of the Dermatology of Toxicology.

But then again, a competent Phrenologist
Might have referred him to a quack psychologist
Who could have confused the boy
Using clever Morphology
Backed up by using Technology.

The art of the possible
Intermixed with Philosophy
Could then stray
Into the realms of Theosophy.


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