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The Philosophical Lizard

Laying on a warm rock the lizard Smiled knowingly at Wittgenstein “You think I’m enjoying the sun.” Winking her achingly sinister eyes . Wittgenstein was numb with doubt If the lizard wasn’t enjoying the sun What was she doing? Paralysed, he … Continue reading

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Why Old People Are Irritating

“So what irritates you?” Monica drained her glass. The wine had gone straight to her head. “All right then. Elderly couples holding hands.” “Totally agree.” “Striding along with their Ordnance Survey maps, fit as fiddles.” He nodded. “Striding along Offa’s … Continue reading

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George Silverlock

George was a master plumber who I first met on a building site on the High Street, Waltham Cross (London). He and his brother, Harry Silverlock, were natural comedians who, effortlessly, had us youngsters in fits of laughter at the most unexpected … Continue reading

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