The Somme, 1916

It wasn’t too bad once you got used to the noise,
the flies and rats playing in No Man’s Land

The rotting bodies always put off new soldiers
who didn’t know how to keep their stomachs down

Quite a few of our lads learned German just so
they could taunt them about our bayonets and their bellies

Shouting across to the Germans was always good for a laugh
we’d say ‘Our guns are better than yours’.

It wasn’t too bad once you got used to the moaning:
the moaning was horrible but you can get used to anything.

The generals were a laugh as they sat on their horses
and told us to be brave as if they were Wellington

The Somme was alright unless you were killed or
mutilated that is. Mutilation was bad it was worse than death.

I quite liked the Somme despite everything
you always knew excitement would kill the boredom.


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1 Response to The Somme, 1916

  1. delsmith444 says:

    Much above your normal standard, though everyone has to excel at some time. These things are relative.

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