I go on holiday like an escaped prisoner
The fearful airport has armed warders patrolling
Surveillance cameras and hidden profilers
Dogs sniffing, menacing, fear-inducing.
Impeccable papers. Confidence-inducing papers. My papers.

My thousand yard death stare keeps them at bay
Slitted eye-lids hoover up their faces
Too dangerous to stop; too dangerous to let loose
The airport seethes with hatred. Broiling hated
Routines embrace them and I walked freely.

Taking cover with weeping children and emotional parents we’re
Herded towards a slaughter house pen,
Stripped of dignity. Poked, prodded into obedience
The escapees escaped, the warders drank coffee, dogs lay down
Entering our flying tunnel we flew away.


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1 Response to Holiday

  1. delsmith444 says:

    Yeh, so why bother, plane travel is hardly a plus for the planet.

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