Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

I’ll show you life, life in a single moment
A moment of pain, of memory gone, night and day fading
Embracing you, clinging, moulding your soul into
the Passion. Mind and body focused, oozing happy expectation.
Life in a single moment. A continuing moment

Pain. Arthritis in every joint- no pain, no gain. Pain
at the vortex of Dante’s seventh level.
More pain, more gain. Excruciating pain, ecstasy.
Ecstasy, ecstatic joy. Sweat drenched joy. Pumped up joy no pain, no gain. A roller coaster of pain and ecstasy

God’s gift to you. Life’s mysteries revealed.
Certainty crushing uncertainty. An obliterated world-
obliterated by simplicity and certainty.
God hated humanity and was happy at what he did.
The youth was grateful for God’s intervention and he escaped into hell.


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