Astral Projection.

All you need do is – relax
sometime, between being awake
before your mind slips, into dreaming;
At that point – try lifting your spirit body
out from your physical, being.

There is no need to throw the duvet off,
for with no physical, you can pass right through it.
Take a moment to look down at yourself,
just lying there in bed.
move just a little way away from yourself
and you will see a bluish white cord,
between your astral and physical self,
That cord will not tie or tether you.

You can go wherever you want;
remembering, that the duvet was no obstacle;
so neither are walls, doors or glass.
Go to the wall nearest your bed,
that, on its other side, is outside.
As you go through, it tingles pleasantly.
Now you are outside – will you fly?
See the familiar roads, buildings you remember
passing in your physical self.

You will find the vista is enthralling, just notice;
even at night how, light and colours
are so much sharper – your mind can appreciate
so much more – now you are in the astral.
Pick North, East, South or West, and go in your direction.
Fly over unfamiliar landscapes, see the contours of
the undulating countryside, go further;
drift over cities of street lights and windows.
Buildings can be beautiful, in their architecture alone.
Churches, temples etc., attract me, but this is
your adventure.

When satiated with the scenes and sights you have seen
try to remember, all that you have experienced.
Turn around and just follow your cord back to your body.
Time has no meaning, in that place where you have been,
and although you can hear sound you cannot make it.
Gently, take on your inert body position, all the while
remembering to remind yourself tomorrow, of this,
wonderful, beautiful, experience.
I wish you all lots of astral projections.


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