In a Dream

I remember the large building
exploring furnished rooms, one by one.
In the basement the door opened
into a huge empty room
At the far end an old cloth
was draped over another hidden doorway.

The cloth fell apart as I touched it
The scene beyond; astounding me
A huge indoor crystal clear lake
Perhaps twenty/thirty feet deep
Even much deeper in places
With bright coloured seaweed covered rocks
A sandy floor and lit, with a deep warm bluish light.

The lake did look inviting
I was alone, so I quickly stripped;
I plunged straight in and swam down
Somehow I didn’t need to breath, or hold my breath
It was so delightful – to be in that place
I luxuriated there for a long time.

I wanted to stay there forever
But, a girl suddenly said “it’s time to go”
I felt my skin blush red, as I tried to hide my body
But she just smiled and gave a childlike wave of her hand
“Come again one day” she called as I saw
The place, building and total scene diminish
To just one tiny speck of the most intensive bright white light.


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1 Response to In a Dream

  1. aditilibra11 says:

    ‘The place,building and total scene diminish!’
    A very nice line! ❤

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