Tory Thugs

Without remorse or compassion
The Tory thieves ride high
Austerity is their fractious fashion
Deaf to starvation’s workless sigh.

Workers’ rights, so hard fought won
Attacked as greed from working class
Swept aside most benefits, now done
Banker strut their economic farce.

But, a second coming is at hand
J.C. will gather the tired and oppressed
He will call all workers to make their stand
Renationalise, industries, create Tory unrest.

Bring back ‘clause four’ – those working boots
Tax the rich mad bad billionaires
Unions unite, back to grassroots
Syndicalist’s  held in common shares.

Shadows haunt this, evil land
Where greed pervades the innocent
And innocents just can’t withstand
The miscreant insolence.

Evil, evil they may dwell
Downing Street, a joke
Idle posh gits straight  from hell
Let them abandon their sinking boat.


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