David Cameron’s Cabinet May 2015: Shirkers and Strivers

David Cameron is an Equal Opportunities employer with a roughly 50:50 split between Shirkers and Strivers.

Super Strivers   

Greg Clark (Communities: Local Gvnt) Cambridge/LSE            Ph.D

Stephen Crabb (Wales)      London Business School                     MBA

Justine Greening (Intl Devel)      London Business School         MBA

Matt Hancock (Cabinet Office) Oxford                                            M.Phil

Oliver Letwin (Cabinet Office) Cambridge                                      Ph.D

Patrick McLoughlin (Transport)                                                       Working-class hero

David Mundell (Scotland)        Strathclyde Business School        MBA

Baroness Stowell (Leader: Lords)                                                     Working-class heroine


David Cameron (Prime Minister)            Oxford         1st

Philip Hammond (Foreign Secretary) Oxford             1st

Jeremy Hunt (Health)            Oxford                              1st

Theresa Villiers (N. Ireland) Bristol/Oxford                 1st



Michael Fallon (Defence)      St Andrews                Scottish MA

Michael Gove (Justice)      Oxford                             2nd

Chris Grayling (Leader: Commons) Cambridge    2nd

Theresa May (Home Secretary)      Oxford              2nd

George Osborne (Chancellor)            Oxford            2nd

John Whittingdale (Culture)      London                  2:2

Quietly Desperate Shirkers

Mark Harper (Chief Whip) Oxford++             unknown
Sajid Javid (Business)       Exeter                                 ditto
Amber Rudd (Energy)       Edinburgh                         ditto
Liz Truss (Environment)      Oxford++            ditto
Jeremy Wright QC (Attorney General) Exeter          ditto


Iain Duncan Smith (Work: Pensions)

++Oxford graduates always tell you that they went to Oxford, usually before you ask, and they always announce that they got a First (if they did, and sometimes if they didn’t) so it is a realistic deduction to say that Harper/Truss are shirkers.


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3 Responses to David Cameron’s Cabinet May 2015: Shirkers and Strivers

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  2. Odeboyz says:

    This isn’t really a general comment on those who didn’t get a First. The very nature of elite hierarchical degrees is that they exclude but on this occasion Osborne (along with Boris Johnson) got a 2nd because of partying. This early example of weakness of will then further revealed itself in his notorious ticket fiasco. The remainder of the examples were there as a polemical point. Though Grayling did have a shocking MPs expenses incident involving housing. Elite self righteous aristocrats denouncing the poor is obnoxious and this seemed the neatest way to make a point about shirking. Shirking isn’t the exclusive territory of benefit cheats as we saw in the entertaining Rifkind video entrapment incident. Thank you for this.

  3. Chris Roberts says:

    I am afraid my ‘Pass’ puts me firmly in the ‘Super Shirkers’ although I am not sure why two non-graduates are in the top list as you are classifying by formal educational achievements.
    Chris R

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