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Winston Churchill, Victorian Warrior and Author at the battle of Omdurman, 1898

“…on the other side bullets were shearing through flesh, smashing and splintering bone; blood spouted through terrible wounds; valient men were struggling on through a hell of whistling metal, exploding shells and spurting dust- suffering, despairing, dying.” Winston Churchill The … Continue reading

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My Regression Story: 1

Many years ago I became interested in all sorts of weird stuff. I had tried spiritualism and séances and was impressed by a TV programme on hypnosis and people regressing to a previous life. Well, that very night I decided that … Continue reading

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The Battle of Omdurman, 2nd September 1898

“…the sacred Black banner of the Khalifa floated high and remarkable.” (Winston S. Churchill*) European countries had very sophisticated armies, war industries and logistical understanding of warfare: war was a profession for Europeans. European wars were intensely competitive as witnessed by … Continue reading

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