Simple Yesterdays

When the kids were young
Around this time of the year
We’d secure them in the car
And head for country lanes.

Squashed into the smallest hedgerow gaps
Along the roadside, we’d park up,
Winkle the kids out roadside
Each with their empty small ice- cream tubs.

Dappled sunshine
Bird song
Gentle summer breeze
Memories, that pleased.

Blackberry thorns couldn’t keep them
from the berries that stained fingers and lips
Within the hour- homeward bound
Kids asking- what now full tubs?

“Wait and see,” I’d say…
Each given a fork, in the kitchen
The tubs contents were reduced
To delicious black goo.

I promised magic- and magic there was
Each tub was poured into small tot glasses
the tea spoons laid in and…
Consigned to the freezer.

Next day
Ice lollies were banned to the garden
Dripping with smiles
Satisfaction seen in sparkling eyes

Simple Yesterdays.



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3 Responses to Simple Yesterdays

  1. odeboyz says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. Mike.

  2. J.G. says:

    Magic indeed

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