Scenes from Elsewhere

The catamite stirred in bed. He thought,
“How did things turn out this way?”
Smiling, a gay smile, he knew
It wasn’t love. No. Definitely not love
But what was it? Confidently he thought,
“I’d rather be at work.”

The women of the harem waited. Seeing
Their master standing at the door, hope rose:
Disappointingly he dismissed them, “Not today ladies.”
Silently adding, “What a waste of money they are.
The penalty of conspicuous consumption.”
Then he hurried to his catamite.
The paraplegic begged to die.
“I’ve nothing to live for. It’s unjust.”
The drugs indifferently continued
Keeping him alive. A success story
“Euthanasia is murder.” The judge declared
“We deal in justice not sympathy.”

The murderer sobbed at his life sentence.
“I’ve nothing to live for. It’s unjust.
You’d put me down if I were a dog.”
“Dogs kill but don’t murder,
The judge replied, “You’re an evil man
You need time to reflect on your crimes.”


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