Sublimely Beautiful

Sublimely beautiful, gliding through people’s lives
Easy swaying of graceful hips
Golden showers of hair caress her shoulders.
Knowingly she bathes in peering eyes
Intoxicating eyes, feeding her.
Her own eyes are voids. Black holes
Absorbing men and women inescapably.

Sublimely beautiful, exuding perfume-
The perfume of youth and beauty- intoxicating perfume.
Exquisite in its fragile perfection, her perfume is
As amoral as Aphrodite, devouring lovers.
Lovers existing only to be used by her,
Men and women becoming unconscious slaves
Conquered by silent sexual osmosis.

Sublimely beautiful, she’s untouched by ageing.
Her sexuality, eternal and irrestistible,
Transcending her body, becoming ethereal.
Atheists discover divinity. Divinity made tangible.
Terrified they cannot wait, they must approach
Men and women enter the vortex of her beauty
Exiting when rejected: when found unworthy.


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