11QuintessentialBarbie-1Belinda’s perfection is her effortless poise.
She walks like a model
Her statuesque body is magnificent.
Her silence is an impressive noiseless void.
Luxuries are lavished on this silent perfection. A woman
Who laughs whilst casting adoring, glances,
A woman who spurns no cliche: Who is perfectly stupid.
Who has achieved Nirvana.

Belinda is an English beauty
And she knows it.
Blond hair, blue eyes a dewy smile.
She’s hollowed out her intellect, her soul.
She knows effort is pointless- she knows
She’s the sort of woman that-
Men who hate women love.

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1 Response to Misogyny

  1. Rosina Purnell says:

    Yes, there are some good phrases and images, not including the photo! I think the last two lines needed to be more carefully, or differently, punctuated. This would heighten their impact. I also thought that some of the lines ere overlong and read like prose, lacking rhythym. Interesting ideas.

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