Amelia listened,
Briefly stiffened,
When the piano
Softly called.

Although very small
(She’s not very tall)
She peeped at the shiny keys.

Not sure of how much
Her small fingers touched
The lovely differing notes…
Black and white strings sang
As tender ears rang.

She could hear
High Treble and Deep, Deep, Base
Those notes, oh so clear.

She heard Middle C tinkle
“Play me- play me!”
“No me,” tinkled E…”play me, play me!”

“Then me,” tinkled G…
F looked at A
as if to say…
We want to play as well!

B was quite smart
Said, “you could easily start
With one of our ebony friends…
Flats or sharps
All play their parts
In music so lovely to hear
The thing to know
is how fast or slow, you need to go.

Both A and F
In the treble Clef
Asked to be played together
Amelia thought the idea quite clever.

Amelia stroked the keys
Politely said, “please
Do tell me more,
I so adore you playing for me.”

E got excited
Sounded delighted,
“Would you just press any key?
Only D stands between E and C?”

C Sharp minor pronounced
With his friends D, F and A
They could quite easily play
A lovely serious tune.
If the other notes danced
And so enhanced
The notes he and his friends play today.



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