Dreams and Nightmares

If Bengali beggars could dream
Would they dream of England?
Historic, lucky, wealthy. its
People wealthy beyond skill or ability
Afraid their wealth will slip away.
Consumed by dread- endlessly suspicious-
Paralysed by doubt. Victorian loot
Gained long ago in Imperial days
When the world was young.

Bengali beggars. Raj built pavement beneath their heads
Don’t dream of England. Don’t wonder
At this legacy of Victorian conquest
Which keeps death at bay, for another day.
English inheritors of Victorian greatness
Warm and comfortable in mortgaged bed.
Tormented nightmares. Elderly parents
Clinging to money and houses. Because
Dying is an industry in England-
An expensive business.

If Bengali beggars could dream
They wouldn’t dream of England.

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2 Responses to Dreams and Nightmares

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  2. R. Mayer says:

    Very well done. Now off to bed to dream.

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