The London March

The London march

26th of March we massed.

A protest of peasants

Cosmopolitan – political comrades

Against Cameron and Clegg’s

Acquiescence towards banker’s profligacy

Disingenuous  fidelity and

Toward we, proletariat.

Again history forefends poor people suffer

Lose out – keeping plutocrats

In – their indulgent hypocrisy

Hostage of fiduciary ignorance

Told of necessary cuts!

Plundered from poverty

Established in decades of old England’s stupid trust.

The unions finally urged their masses

The Embankment to Hyde Park tell…

Shouting injustice in whistles and banners

On behalf of all soulful life suffering  there,

Old, young and the bombastic militants

Under intrusive MI5 surveillance

We marched defiant of …

Vengent police in battle dress.

Kettleing lessons we elders had learned

And walked away in wisdom

As the militant and class war warriors

Strutted, kicked at the establishment buildings

Defiant, in their empty pockets

Behind  rag masks of seething rage

Where no future job would ever pay

This was just – their protest day.

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