The old armchair
Eyelids drooping
Stan softly slips
To dreaming. Loves he had
Flit and falter
Their smiles
He pictures well.
The girl who
Showed him
Women’s desire
Was pleasure personified. A young man
Then with vigour
Strength and passion
Taught loves techniques.
Her eyes danced
In his embrace
Her body trembled
His love committed….. Aging lines
Chase his dream
House and garden
Vivid scenes.
Pets to walk
Children growing
Pay day, shopping
Pension saving. A world intent
Just memories
The armchair
Holds the dream…
Once important
Addressed as Sir
Cut and thrust
Growing business work. Business stable
Staff employed
Enormous hours worked
Stan the entrepreneur…….
Aging brings rewards
Holidays abroard
Lovely wife
Kids boarding school………. The hourglass droops
Time slips by
Board of Directors
Voted out.
Strangled rage brings
A stroke intense
Raiding family coffers
Expensive home care. Booted into “Dunroving”
Home for gentlefolk
Your chair Stan
Said the man.
Stan the man
Sits and dreams
Inside often cries
Mumbles incoherently Stan the dreamer


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