Perhaps another day

Cocky git swaggered every minute
Even on his silly moped
A scooter with a hornet sound
To annoy all and every one around
Cocky git would swear and spit
In his soppy hoody coat
His deep mean eyes beneath a baseball cap
Saw all but knew nothing
In the gang that practised lies
Each and every one a feral rat.

Silly git thought the world was his
Elderly just wrinkled fodder
For abuse and shameful joy to scare
Police were fools for all their tools
To try and catch this teenage robber
For many times he had done the mugging
Tasted drugs and raised all hell in growing
Knew steaming like an art of fear
Seriously touching dealers for the gear
In shadows he walked like as if an un-dead Ghoul
But silly Git was just a vicious fool.

Brazen git was full of shit
Till he met a man in town
who called him sir and bade him…
To a crumpled wall – “sit down”
In a tone of sorely hurt recall
Man told the boy his life – once all
Hazy, crazy drifting through days of drug violent fog
Hating, hurting, shaking, quaking – a lost Hyena dog

Sorrow wracked deep sad eyes of shame
That formed for him his crown of blame
While whispered all such nameless names
That formed his nemesis of whence he came

And yet the boy just swore and spat
“Yeh, Yeh Yeh I’ve done all that”
With one short nod, the man’s shoulders sagged
And turned to walk away.
But a step or two turned back to say

“Perhaps – another day”.

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