Cooking for Slackers: Spanish style ‘Egg and chips’

Excellent chips are impossible to do without a deep pan. (Air Fryers1 and oven chips2  produce a pale imitation of the real thing.) This recipe is exciting with minimal effort and low, low cost achieved without special equipment.


Two eggs

One potato

Paprika3 There’s all sorts of paprika. Buy to suit your taste and pocket


Peel and thin slice potato (Thin means translucent)

Splash oil into a cereal bowl

Swoosh slices with fingers until soaked

Get another bowl and whip the eggs into an even liquid (a drop of milk helps)

Heat up frying pan (Fire alarms can go off)

Pour potato into pan. Spread until surface is covered

When brown turn over and repeat

Sprinkle paprika evenly across potato

Pour egg. Tipping pan to reverse the flow to the edge

Split the egg and chips into quarters (It’s easier to get out).


Tasty egg and chips where ketchup is redundant.


Do what you’re comfortable with washing up wise


1 Top 10 Air Fryers of 2023 – Best Reviews Guide

2 Sainsbury’s Steak Cut Chips 1.5kg | Sainsbury’s (

3 Sainsbury’s Paprika 44g | Sainsbury’s (

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