Football Review: England vs France, 10th December 2022

I blame British insularity, and Brexit in particular, when England lose matches they should have won. This match, 2-1 to France, is no exception.

The principal English striker, Harry Kane, is a Spurs1, ‘lifer who’s never played in foreign leagues. Despite his English super-star rating he hasn’t won any domestic or international honours. Kane lacks aspiration because of his, and English, insularity. This is typical of the entire team. Only one player currently plays in a European league.2 And only one other has ever played in Europe.3

So what?

The principal French striker, Olivier Giroud, has won honours in England and Italy. In 2018 he won the World Cup making ten honours altogether. Ten players in this team play outside France. They’ve all learned foreign languages, which gives them maturity. They’ve had to be flexible and open to new ideas. These multi-national players are professional in a way English footballers aren’t.

One final point. England isn’t a country. It’s a region within the United Kingdom and they’ve no right to separate representation in the World Cup.


1 Spurs is an abbreviation for Tottenham Hotspur

2 Jude Bellingham a teenage player for Borussia Dortmond

3 Kieran Trippier with Atletico Madrid. Two seasons including a la Liga title.

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