Book Review: George MacDonald Fraser ~ Flashman at the Charge (Flashman 4) (1973)

 I made the mistake of thinking about the direction of travel that Britain is on. The Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, believes Britain is a global military power. He’s a True Believer not allowing trivialities like evidence to interrupt his beliefs. He hasn’t noticed that Britain was routed in Afghanistan in 2021, or that the £4 billion aircraft carrier, The Prince of Wales, broke down after 5 miles into a cross-Atlantic voyage. Prime Minister Truss thinks Wallace is impressive and increased the Defence budget by 50% confident he’d spend the cash wisely.

Turning to Flashman at the Charge.1 This novel is derring-do on steroids. If you want an adrenaline shot direct into your patriotic body….think crack cocaine doubled…read this book. A thrilling historical novel, written by a genius.


1 If you want to read a wonderful history of the Charge of the Light Brigade see Mark Adkin The Charge: The real reason why the Light Brigade was lost (1996) Kindle

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