A vicious review of a Bob Dylan concert: Scotland 1991

Dylan now resembles nothing so much as an alcoholic lumberjack on a Saturday night out in some Saskatchewan backwater, staggering around the stage here in a huge plaid jacket and odd little hat. The band, meanwhile, have all the charisma of a death squad in some bandit republic … These people aren’t so much under-rehearsed as almost complete strangers to each other, and Dylan’s music specifically. Dylan, hilariously, doesn’t give a fuck … [Diaz] starts strumming the intro to ‘Mr. Tambourine Man.’ After a couple of minutes he pauses, waiting for Dylan’s vocal entry. He turns to look for Dylan, but Bob’s not at his microphone. He’s somewhere at the back of the stage wrestling with his harmonica holder which has come loose and now appears to be attempting to strangle him … [Diaz] looks vaguely panic-stricken, still waiting for hurry to bail him out … The inclusion of [‘In the Garden’] takes everybody by surprise. The song seems to be winding down when, at Dylan’s insistence, the group smash into a protracted, cacophonous coda. It goes on forever, an excruciating, hellish din.

Bob Dylan Concert at Scottish Exhibition Centre, 2nd February 1991

Heylin, Clinton. Behind the Shades: The 20th Anniversary Edition (pp. 661-662). Faber & Faber. Kindle Edition.

Fond memories of the Golden Boy
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