Immigration: Conservative Hypocrisy 1903, 1938, 2021



HC Deb 26 February 1903 vol 118 cc938-77

Sir Howard Vincent (Conservative)1

In the first place, I should like to say most emphatically that this motion has nothing whatever to do with any religious question. For Jews, as Jews, I have the greatest possible respect; for ability, intelligence, activity and perseverance, I believe them to be absolutely unequalled. I therefore hope that my hon. friends who are members of the Hebrew faith will accept my most positive assurance that I move in this matter without the slightest feeling as regards the Jewish persuasion. There is another point, and that is that I have no feeling whatever against foreigners. I look upon this subject entirely as one of British interest. The sole question is: Is this immigration doing harm to the British working man; is it ousting him in particular districts and trades from his employment? (my emphasis)

Sajid Javid’s father was ‘Destitute’ when he arrived in Britain in the 1960s2



HC Deb 21 November 1938 vol 341 cc1313-7

Neville Chamberlain (Conservative: PM)3

As was indicated in this House by Lord Harlech on 30th March, and as was subsequently made clear by the United Kingdom representative of the Evian meeting, His Majesty’s Government consider that there is no territory in the Colonial Empire where suitable land is available for the immediate settlement of refugees in large numbers, although in certain territories small-scale settlement might be practicable. The Governors of Tanganyika and British Guiana have, however been asked to state whether, without detriment to native interests, land could be made available for leasing on generous terms for the purpose of large-scale settlement to the voluntary organisations concerned with refugees, provided they undertake full responsibility for the cost of preparing the land and of settling refugees of suitable types as the land is made available. (my emphasis)


The attitude of the west towards Jewish refugees 1938

This was eleven days after Krisalnacht, 9-10 November 19384


NATIONALITY AND BORDERS BILL 20th July 2021 Nationality and

Tom Hunt (Conservative)5

The vast majority of people in this country abhor racism. They welcome immigration, and they want to extend the hand of friendship, but what they do not want is lawlessness. What they do not want is what we are seeing at the moment. Sadly, the message that is going out is that once you are in, you are in, so it is worth the risk. The consequence of that is the loss of human lives, an unsustainable pressure on public services, and a limit on our ability to show compassion towards the most needy.6 (my emphasis)


The UK points system for immigrants encourages ‘illegal’ immigration.



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6 “The ideal candidate for UK immigration is someone who possesses various qualities, including language skills, job security, and a guaranteed minimum salary post-arrival…..In general, the system rewards applicants who are highly educated, have a legitimate job offer with a guaranteed a minimum salary of £25,600 and are qualified to work in STEM, healthcare, or in another industry where workers are needed.” UK Points-Based Immigration System – UK Immigration

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