Churchill by Daisy Suckley: Roosevelt’s confidant

She described him [Churchill] as “a strange looking little man. Fat & round, his clothes bunched up on him. Practically no hair on his head, he wore a 10-gallon hat. He talks as though he had terrible adenoids—sometimes says very little, then talks quite a lot—His humorous twinkle is infectious …. In a pair of shorts, he looked exactly like a kewpie [doll]. He made a good dive in [the swimming pool], soon came out, wrapped a large wool blanket around himself & sat down to talk to F.D.R. …” She found that Churchill was “difficult in conversation when he doesn’t want to talk, perfectly delightful and witty when he wants to be. He makes no effort just to ‘talk’ with the person next to him, but is very responsive if interested.” She was keenly aware of the nature of the relationship between the two larger-than-life leaders. She had “the impression that Churchill adores the P [Roosevelt]., loves him as a man, looks up to him, defers to him, leans on him.”

Dallek, Robert. Franklin D. Roosevelt (p. 526). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

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