Please take care of our trees

No-one seems to care
What tree, stand here or there
Elm, Willow, Ash or Oak
Care can’t be said for city folk.

 Urban sprawl, shows development blight
Green gives way, – concrete sweeps unrelenting
Grey tentacles of concrete, mocks the countryside
Boxes, cold unforgiving, without the growing pride.

The beauty of an unpretentious sycamore
Fruiting fragrance of Apple, Plum or pear
Cedar, Japanese flowering cherry
Their demise, shows we really don’t care.

 The great Red Wood, Mahogany, Ebony
Hundreds of years in developing
Cut down, by the whispering rage;
Chain saw, axes destruction – rampage.

 The monsters hide behind words
Progress, wanted improvements
Necessary, advancement for people
As welcome as demonical thunderbirds.

 Remembrance displayed with Magnolia or Yews
The poisonous Laburnum so pretty in yellow
Poplar in regimented rows, Sweet Chestnut
All  have found this to be true,

Trees live, therefore have life
Grow and develop – sometimes despite;
The mindless destruction by man
A human architects’ plan.

 Even the London Plane is admired
Designed by nature, so inspired
Root, trunk, branches with leaves
Please take care, of our trees.


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