Film Review: Yesterday (Himesh Patel and Lily James)

This was advertised on the side of buses as ‘The feel good film of the summer’. This normally means that you should park your brains in a foyer locker on the way in. And that would be a good tactic on this occasion as well. However if you want a ‘Feel Good’ experience then this is for you. And me too.

The basic storyline is that Jack Malik is a pop swamp animal operating, unsuccessfully, at seaside pub level. During a 12 second global electric shutdown Malik is knocked off his bike and is the only man alive who remembers the Beatles. Whilst with a group of friends he sings Yesterday and they are totally bowled over believing that Malik really is a genius who wrote the song.

The rest of the film is a jog-trot through the Beatles considerable repertoire with Malik turbocharged into world stardom. There is a delightful romcom element and pangs of despair as he reviews his fraudulent behaviour. It all ends happily ever after: as it should.

I loved it and enjoyed picking my brains up from the foyer locker afterwards.

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