The Meaningful Vote

With just days to go
Mays’ future might end
Her Brexit deal dead
Well soon we will know.

An example of, “please only one”,
Ostracized all blindly
Take out objectivity
Maybe, please some.

Logic demands another way
Chaos looms clearly
Poor to suffer
Without a say.

EU is not perfect
Stability had been, established
Forty years of security
foolishly, by rich liars.

Tory’s have pulled themselves apart
Over Europe for years
Major, Thatcher, even Heath
Battled almost from the start.

How ironic, Ireland, be the catalyst
That invaded country –
The Boyne created “the troubles”
Was a fool then, their analyst.

Stupid, describes this madness
At this time, it is nonsense
Ordinary people, will be worse off
The U.K. will be consumed in sadness.

It isn’t too late
Sanity could be restored
Withdraw our demands to exit
The EU would help in our fate.

The rich don’t care
Consequences, will not be theirs
They have enough
But they wouldn’t share.


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