Sit wide eyed in wonder

It’s Christmas, kids all over the land call out
As soon as morning awakens them
The little ones still believe;
Perhaps older ones aren’t now quite so sure.

Noise of excited children as presents
Wrapped so gently in previous weeks
Are disgorged from the colourful
Christmas paper, to show the rewards.

Some time honoured, such as cuddly teddy’s
For the very young, others like friends we knew
When we screeched with delight, in the day
Spirograph, a firm favourite, with its cog wheels.

Show me Dad, what does it do?
Lego sets now replace the more complicated
Toys that once were made from metal pieces
Those just pushed along –
Now race across the floor on battery power.

Nine of all ages sit at the table for Christmas
Eleven, for the day after – adults talk
Of times gone past, remembering
Anecdotes perhaps embellished in time.

The good times, when we created our Christmas
Not sat in front of the Telly for hours on end
Singing round the piano old liked songs,
Waltzing Matilda, The Gypsy Rover, Clementine.

This as in others, A table spoon full of Brandy
Was poured over the Christmas pudding and lit
Its soft blue flame always met with delight
Such days of plenty, that our family have.

Yet, other families have not so much
Nine years of imposed austerity
Means some have a frugal Christmas
How many children, from poorer families;

Sit wide eyed in wonder?


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