The Promised Land: part two

Far, far away from testosterone fuelled
Men wielding AK-47s, machetes and driven
By religion, poverty, despair
England complacently slumbers.

Far,far away from the bitter legacy
Of God’s divine disasters
Hurricane, earthquake, tsunami
England complacently charitable.

Far, far away from extremists preaching
The certainties of misunderstood philosphies,
Misunderstood religion, misunderstood economics
England complacently agnostic.

Far, far away Jerusalem is seen and worshipped
England that green and pleasant land is
God’s Promised Land
Complacently drifting on history’s tides.


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1 Response to The Promised Land: part two

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    A thoughtful and well-honed use of eloquent words,Chris.

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