Bavarian Eyrie

A birthday gift of allegiance, held
So long a secret by a nations’s
Engineers. A cradle for intellectual indulgences,
Built on limits broken daily
By natures acquiescence
And by icy determination of the faithful.

Acrophobia overcome, your territory
Perceived infinite. A world far removed
From that beyond the distant mountains,
With history hiding in the foundations
Of natural selection. Motivated on
Rising thermals of passion, awareness

Fuelled a cruel, distorted horizon.
You stand now as an enduring tribute to technology,
Reprieved solely by allied confusion. A monument
To the miscalculation of human ability.
Hungry, world inquisitors mock unwittingly,
Finding comfort in what was never to be.

A nation’s vision verboten, reduced
To a distant, circling cry,

“Deutschland uber alles.”



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