The Photograph

Long haired woman

She poses her naked face,
Shamelessly, provocatively, seductively
Slightly parted lips show her perfect teeth and
Captivate with a glimpse of a pink tongue.
Sunlight caresses her flowing hair which
Cascades, knowingly, down delicate shoulders.
This is a race which has been won.

Her carefully posed naked face is a
Void. An air brushed illusion.
Her beauty is exquisite, a masterpiece of
Thoughtless selfishness, expressed in haughty elegance,
Aristocratic indifference is her world.
Posing, pleasured by cameras,
She wants to finish quickly.

This photograph will not be buried,
Hideously caught in a sinful rictus. This photograph,
Caught in amber, a transcendent beautiful moment,
An eternal digital moment,
A moment of youthful beauty captured for eternity.
Illusions caught in a moment, a murderous moment.
Her naked ageing face is eternally mocked.





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