My Brother

Go my brother
Step you through
My door of delectation
Dedicated to the few
Meet your world of expectation.

Go look my brother
Seek your heart’s desire
My shelves are stocked with wine
Taste the burning ice-like fire
Your world is only time.

Go you my brother
Your seconds tick
Taste future years of life
Those shelves you picked…
reality, really like no other.

Go my brother…
Now on your own
I wish you well to grow
We’ll meet again a future day
When you once again come home.

Well my brother
Again, my door you see
I’ll again just urge you through
I’ll expect this time your expectations
Is to live again anew.

Now my brother
Step you through
Lets review your past desires
Where you grew those expected burning fires
Did you clear my shelves of wine?

No – then perhaps this time
I’ll make you mine!

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