Her Smile

The two of us alone
Neither her Fred,
Or my Pat.
The kids all sleeping
Sharing more than the wine
My furtive mind
Designed excuses
To touch her elbow
A hand on her beautiful shoulder
I dared to kiss.

Lips so alluring
Kissed me rampant hard
Forbidden fruit
Furtive fumbling in those intense stolen moments
Eyes closed to make the more intense
Pants pulled down by my eyes
Down beautiful lustful thighs
Breasts freed – heaving buds
Of wanting thrusts
A standing with no conscience

Godly vows smashed
Down, forgotten in that touch
Her tongue smiled thick in my mouth
And soon mine
Her button raised guttural moans
Soon sweating, thrusting…
Heaving muscles bunched
A pool of ripe heaven,
Soon to slow built to frantic thrusts
For my ultimate plunges
Panting gusts – lost in…

Her smile.

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