So Surreal.

Just an idle dream, I’m
Floating in an empty room
No ambition no ultimate goal
It’s a nice sensation
But lacks something.

No one to talk to
Without any stimulation
How long was I there?
Does it matter
I really don’t care!

Should I try to find
Someone to ask –
Where is this place?
How long must I stay?
It’s not light or dark.

I’m not physically tired
Hungry or in need of drink
Look more closely
Does this room have walls
Floor or ceiling?

I can’t see, any
It’s a bit scary
I’ve never been here before
With effort, I can go a little
Right left, or up and down.

I have decided
To go downward
I’m dropping, faster and faster
I feel the emptiness
Whooshing up past me.

Worried, what’s at the bottom?
Will it hurt
Now I remember
I had this dream as a boy
Before, but I awake?

Just as the ground
Hurtles up to greet me
Is it all illusion?
All confounded confusion, its
So, surreal?