Eddie from Canada.

Last week, I spoke to my wife’s uncle Eddie. It seems he was over here from his adopted homeland of Canada. He emigrated  fifty four years ago and raised his family. I had met him once before about five years ago, so we were on first name terms.  He went on to say that he wanted to take both my wife and me out to lunch as well as my wife’s sister and her husband.  We spoke at some length, about this and that and I learned that not only was Eddie in London but also his son Stephen. I took Eddie’s phone number and promised that Jan would ring him a soon as she was back home. When Jan had rung Eddie it was established that the six of us would meet up on Tuesday (6/11/18) It was left to Jan and I to suggest a venue.

After Jan contacted her sister it was agreed that we would meet at “The Nags Head” in Covent Garden. We were about fifteen minutes early, both Eddie, his son and Marilyn and her husband were already there. After the usual greetings and introductions were over, I had the chance to notice that we were in a very old-fashioned pub with lots of character. The bar was not crowded and the pub walls had pictures of the old costermongers carrying baskets of fruit and veg on their heads. There were a few business men lunching and and all in all I thought that we had chosen the venue well. However, the prices were not so good. One round of drinks cost me nearly £25.00 even though Jan and her sister were only drinking lemonade. Sitting at a large six seated table we all looked at the menu on offer. Again very pricy, so none of us went over the top with our preferred lunch.

Fortunately, we had finish eating before a large group of young men came into the pub. They were not aggressive but fairly boisterous, a lot of shouting and laughing in what I remember as the Dutch language. We six were mildly amused at the friendly camaraderie they were displaying toward each other. Then more and more young Dutch people came in wearing very distinctive red and white striped shirts. Soon they were all drinking copious amounts of beer. Not knowing anything about football I was quickly informed that they were all “PSV Eindhoven fans” over for a big match with Tottenham that evening. I don’t know why two Police Officers  decided to push their way through the young people but the atmosphere quickly changed. The loud banter went up to shouting and my Brother in Law said that he thought it was only a matter of time before trouble would break out. So after one more round of drinks we six discreetly left our table to re-meet outside.

It was a shame that our lunch meeting was spoiled but we said our good-byes and our three couples went in different directions. Jan and I decided to catch a cab to Liverpool Street Station, and got the train to Romford, We were home in just over an hour and something. Hopefuly, we will meet up with Eddie and Stephen again before they return to Canada.