On The Job.

My good friend Andy, who happens to live in the same block of flat as myself. Decided to replace their toilet with a more modern appliance. For a complete amateur to take on such a mammoth enterprise as that, without any experience in the plumbing trade, was indeed remarkable. I fought shy of taking on the work myself, even though I must have fitted hundreds of new toilets in my twenty odd years as a plumber.

When the old pan was removed it left the iron soil pipe open, so of course every time someone in the flats above Andy flushed their toilet, the smell would escaped into Andy’s flat. I suggested he put a plastic carrier bag over the soil pipe and tie it with string. Where the old pan sat after its removal a shallow hole was left in the base floor that had to be levelled with new screed. With modern day materials that task was soon accomplished. So Andy decided to rig the pan and its cistern up out of position first just to see how easy or difficult the work was going to be. After several setbacks and a number of very naughty swear words he did it. Even more extraordinary was the fact that he managed to correctly connect the new type of vertical inlet and discharge valves; all from reading the manufacturers guidance instructions. Before the final fitting however, both he and his wife felt they should upgrade the toilet flooring.

My youngest son Robert is a master flooring specialist, so I put the two in contact with each other.  Robert turned up with several samples, and they chose a very stylish composite tile for the toilet and some composite wood style planks for the bathroom floor. Robert, set the new toilet floor first, which was laid in a block configuration. After the floor was done Andy set about installing his new pan. This was very difficult as the pan was extremely heavy and it was designed with internal brackets that were bolted to the floor. At the same time, he had to make the connection to the soil pipe. Those two functions being extremely problematic to perform simultaneously.

However, Andy did the job, to a high professional standard.