Searing Confession: 灼热的告白

I am a shark swimming
In seas swamped with people.
But I’m not a predator
I love people. I smile sweet
Smiles. Insincere, predatory smiles-
Trying hard to be winsome-
I’m prectising my loving smiles.

I’m a rat scuttling
Along highways and paths.
But I’m not scavenging
I love people. My eyes shine
Brightly. Terrifying, glittering eyes-
Trying hard to trusting-
I’m practising my loving glances.

I’m a crow flying
High above the houses.
But I’m not aggressive
I love people. My song tries to be
Melodious. Threatening, violent songs-
Trying hard to be seductive-
I’m practising my loving songs.

Hapless, hopeless attempts at
Pleasing pleasantries showing
Caring concern for others
Leave me wallowing in despair.
You subtle hypocrisies are
Too extreme for me to adjust to, so
I am what I am: Different.



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