When Joe was a little lad
He was trusted with the ration book,
He queued for food enjoying the wait
Listening to the flow of conversation
And when he got home he told his mum
All about it
She always said what a fine man he was
And he puffed with pride

As he got older he found that he couldn’t
Make easy converrsation
All he could do was repeat what he’d heard
But he wasn’t a fine little man now.
Now he was a bore to be avoided
He took to haunting pubs
But even inthat refuge of the lonely
Everyone smelt his despair
Saw he edge towardsn them
Repeating what he been said a moment before

One Christmas outside the Post Office
A queue snaked out onto the pavement
Two women in front of him said “What a total disgrace!”
And without a moments hestitation he agreed with them
The younger one said, “You’re so right”
He glowed with happiness.

After that he was often seen at the Post Office
He’d wait until there was a good long queue
The he’d buy a second class stamp
Later he thought of all the other things to do
Like asking about sending parcels to Pacific Islands
Making charity donations to this weeks horror story
TV Stamps and Premium bonds maintained his interest
Creating intersting and loud conversation all around him
The clerks hated him but had to reply
At last he had lots of conversation
How happy he is.

Chris Purnell 10th November 2010

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